HR Advisory Services

HR Advisory Services

Talent Mapping

Custom made solution, collect market information targeting defined organizations.

Talent mapping helps companies assess, evaluate, and review their current staff so they can be more ready for the future.

Compensation Survey

Employers always have struggled with the best way to compensate employees and attract the most desirable candidates in the marketplace. For years, compensation surveys have served as a source of competitive market data to help with this challenge. To assure the integrity of the surveys you use and their positive impact on your ability to attract the best employees, it’s important to understand the history and regulatory environment surrounding surveys, as well as best practices related to data gathering and reporting.

Salary Surveys are tools used to determine the median or average compensation paid to employees in one or more jobs. Compensation data, collected from several employers, is analyzed to develop an understanding of the amount of compensation paid. Surveys may focus on one or more job titles, geographic regions, employer size, and or industries.